Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you build a strong foundation for achieving financial independence and live your dreams.

Many companies define success by the size of their profits. We define success by the number of people we have helped.

Our Team

Earl's Headshot

Earl Jordan Yaokasin, CFA

Wealth Architect

Earl understood the importance of wealth as early as ten years old. As a child, he was always looking for ways and means to make money, like recycling soda bottles and selling various goods to his classmates.

Then, he accidentally discovered the CNBC channel when he became a teenager. Unbeknownst to him, it would set him on a lifelong journey of building wealth. From then on, he resolved to learn more about investing, so he can make the money that he worked hard for, work even harder for him.

Through this journey, Earl has come across a multitude of investment philosophies – from working in the investment industry for over a decade (with companies such as American Express Financial Advisors, Banc of America Investments, and Capital Group) to obtaining his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Interestingly, however, he found that the most important lessons did not come from work or academia, but they actually came from his own readings, reflections and experience. He discovered that his investment philosophy was in sync with some of the greatest investors of our time, such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Donald Yacktman, Bill Ruane, Bruce Berkowitz, Seth Klarman, Phil Fisher, and Ben Graham.

By integrating the philosophies of these investment giants, and enriching them as he added his own, Earl has developed an investment strategy that has enabled him to build enough wealth and live his dream of helping you achieve financial independence.

Earl invites you to give him the opportunity to help and serve you. He is ready to take the next step in helping you live your dreams. Are you?

Earl’s family

Earl currently lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and two daughters. They spend most of their time reading, playing games, and just being silly. They live a simple life, and enjoy spending time together.

Community Service

At Wealtharch Investment Services, we believe that helping the community for free allows us to take our generosity to the next level.

Earl is currently a board member of Advancing Students Forward, a Non-Profit Organization that provides disadvantaged students in Mexico access to education and support for academic success.

We also volunteer for the Pasadena Community Orchestra. We help them streamline their budgeting process, simplify and standardize their financial statements, and improve their organization’s financial strategy.

Click here to read more on how Earl has helped the Pasadena Community make beautiful music.

We have taught 4-week programs to help people budget, save, and get out of debt. These were held at the First Baptist Church of Pasadena in Pasadena, CA. To request for a new class and sign up, please contact us.

Finally, with no strings attached, we continuously give lots of free and sound financial advice to people and organizations, who we can not take on as clients.