Investment Management

  • Construct a customized investment portfolio to meet your unique financial goals.
  • Provide detailed updates on each of your investments every quarter.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your investments and your financial circumstances.

Financial Independence Planning

  • Review your 401k and other employer retirement/pension plans annually.
  • Create a blueprint to help you achieve financial independence.
  • Evaluate various retirement strategies.
  • Implement the bucket approach when you become financially independent.

Contingency Planning

  • Structure your emergency fund.
  • Review your insurance needs for death, disability, and long-term care.
  • Discuss will, trust, and power of attorney documents.
  • Update account registrations and beneficiaries.

Education Planning

  • Evaluate education account options for your child.
  • Create your roadmap on how to pay for your child’s college expenses.

Tax Planning

  • Explore various tax strategies that can help minimize your taxes.
  • Maximize after tax returns.