How are we different?

Unique Benefits of Investing with Wealtharch Investment Services:

  1. Thorough Investment Analysis: We scrutinize each quarterly and annual report, listen to quarterly earnings calls, review the proxy statements, and keep track of ongoing company/industry events and disclosures.
  2. Proven Investment Strategy: We patterned our investment philosophy and strategy after some of the greatest investors in history: Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ben Graham, Seth Klarman, Phil Fisher, Don Yacktman, Bruce Berkowitz and more.
  3. Full Transparency: We communicate our thoughts on each investment at least once every quarter. We’ll immediately tell you our thoughts and conclusions after our investments’ quarterly results and other significant news and events. We don’t know anyone else in the industry that provides this level of transparency.
  4. Partnership/Coaching: We invest your money like we invest our own. If you make money, we make money. If you lose money, we lose money. At no extra charge to you, we help you learn more about investing, and conduct a comprehensive review of your situation, so together we can build a strong foundation for your future.
  5. Reasonable Fees: For all the benefits above, our fee is only 0.25% of assets under management per quarter. Many companies focus on profits. We focus on helping you.
  6. Fiduciary Guarantee: If you are unhappy with our services for any reason, we will refund your most recent quarter’s advisory fee. Learn more about Wealtharch’s Fiduciary Guarantee.

Not all advisors are created equally. Does your advisor do the following:

  1. Regard their client’s interests above all else?
  2. Invest their own money similarly to how they invest their client’s money?
  3. Provide monthly updates and communicate with you personally (without prompting) on a quarterly basis?
  4. Conduct a formal comprehensive investment review and financial plan at no additional cost?
  5. Customize an investment portfolio based on your own goals and objectives?
  6. Research each investment as thoroughly detailed in our investment research process?
  7. Possess a fundamentally sound investment philosophy and strategy?
  8. Exhibit patience and self-discipline in times of extreme fear and greed in the markets?
  9. Implement a true long-term investment strategy?
  10. Measure performance results honestly, openly, and accurately?
  11. Disclose their full schedule of fees and commissions?
  12. Continuously educate themselves and educate their clients?
  13. Offer a no hassle, money-back guarantee on their advisory fees?

At Wealtharch Investment Services we do all 13 and more, because we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our existing clients are our number one priority. In fact, in order to maintain the best possible service to our clients, we will accept no more than 100 individually managed clients in our firm.

Just like in the movie Jerry Maguire, we believe that the key to this business is “Personal relationships. Fewer clients. Less money. More attention.”

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