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About WealthArch

WealthArch Investment Services is an independent, actively managed investment firm run by portfolio manager, Earl Yaokasin, CFA. Earl is a fiduciary with over twenty years of experience, and whose entire personal portfolio is managed by the firm in the same investments as the company’s clients.

WealthArch is independent and not beholden to large Wall Street companies or too-big-to-fail banks which often push their advisors to adhere to the corporate party-line stock or mutual fund recommendations while selling potentially unwarranted and high-fee financial products like structured notes, insurance and annuities. In contrast, WealthArch focuses on value investing, similar to Warren Buffet’s successful approach, and disciplined strategies designed to create growth with downside protection, enabling clients to move steadily towards their life goals and aspirations with confidence.

Successful professionals and institutions that want their wealth to grow with disciplined risk management choose WealthArch because the firm’s number one rule is, “Don’t lose money”. Through deep and thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis, WealthArch only invests in companies with stock prices that provide a margin of safety, or buffer, between its stock price and the company’s valuation. This strategy gives clients peace of mind by decreasing the risk of permanent loss, reducing portfolio volatility, and panicking in down markets. As a result, WealthArch often serves as a client’s portfolio anchor and foundation, allowing them to take more risk with other investments should they want to.

WealthArch is best suited for clients with at least $400,000 to invest and who want to diversify away from having all of their wealth with a one-size-fits-all financial and retirement planning firm.

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