WealthArch digital account management tools.

Account Management Tools

WealthArch Investment Services digital account management tools

WealthArch provides two digital options, Advyzon and Interactive Brokers, for checking client portfolio performance and reporting.

Advizon mobile app icon

Mobile app icon.

Advyzon desktop account management
  • Check account balances (updated each business day, which shows balances from the prior business day’s closing).
  • Watch individual stock performance (also updated every day).
  • Easily see asset allocation and portfolio holdings information including the cost per share.
  • Obtain portfolio performance.
  • Get quarterly portfolio reports.
  • Get WealthArch quarterly fee statements.
  • Shows true annual portfolio returns using the GIPS method. GIPS stands for Global Performance Investment Standards. This return methodology allows you to compare our WealthArch investment results fairly and accurately with other investment firms around the world (24 out of the top 25 firms use GIPS).
  • Logging in doesn’t require a complicated two-step login method (In some cases, Interactive Brokers uses printed plastic cards with security numbers that must be manually keyed in).
  • The mobile app has a simple interface and can be opened with iPhone’s Face ID.
  • If you have multiple accounts with WealthArch, you can view all of those accounts with one login. (Interactive Brokers requires a separate login for each account with a different registration.)

Internet Brokers mobile app icon

Mobile app icon.

Interactive Brokers desktop account management
  • Allows you to add or withdraw money to/from your account.
  • Shows greater detail around individual stocks in the portfolio, including detailed cost basis breakdowns and profit/loss.
  • Offers more functionality in the “Performance & Reports” section.
  • Provides stocks, bonds, and mutual fund scanners and research tools.
  • Makes tax documents available for download.
  • Allows you to complete Interactive Brokers’ forms, account changes and other actions.
  • Can link and view external accounts (i.e., Schwab, E-Trade, etc.).
  • IB has a good mobile app that can be securely configured to eliminate the need for the plastic code card.
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