WealthArch Investment Services client experience

WealthArch Client Experience

We are investment managers, not typical financial planners, and are best suited for clients wanting to maximize their portfolio growth while intelligently managing risk, as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach focusing on ETFs, target-date and mutual funds.

We can be a significant piece of a client’s overall investments, serving as their portfolio anchor and strong foundation so clients can take more risk with other investments should they want to.

We aren’t sales people. We don’t sell high-commission products like loaded mutual funds or structured notes, nor do we sell mortgages, insurance or annuities, so we won’t push you into financial products that aren’t right for you.

We value transparency and communication as evidenced by our unrivaled frequency, speed, transparency, and level of detail in our investment updates.

We believe in educating our clients because they become better investors and find it extremely beneficial to receive frequent communications regarding the economy, overall market, and specific investments.

WealthArch clients get far more than portfolio management. Our 1% annual fee (industry standard is 1%-1.25%) is a great value considering all of the meticulous research, educational communication, unlimited client meetings, and free personalized third-party 401(k)/ETF/mutual fund advice. (Compare our fees here.)

Because we’re highly focused on research and analysis, as well as providing high-quality service to our clients, our time constraints force us to work only with clients who have at least $400,000 invested with us.

We offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy for any reason. Just tell us and we will refund your advisory fee for the most recent quarter. Click here to see our Fiduciary Guarantee.

WealthArch Investment Services Case Study

How two married working professionals with IRAs from previous 401(k) rollovers hired WealthArch to be their portfolio anchor while they managed their other investments on their own.

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