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Tax Efficient Investment Management Tax Efficient Investing and Allocation Between Account Types To make trading and monitoring portfolios easy for them, many financial advisors structure their investments exactly the same way across multiple client accounts.  At WealthArch, we customize client portfolios to not only fit their personal financial circumstances, but also to maximize tax efficient […]

Do you need an emergency fund?

Do You Need an Emergency Fund

Do You Need an Emergency Fund? Having an emergency fund is the foundation for building and protecting wealth. Whether you have millions of dollars or are millions in debt, everyone needs an emergency fund. Your Financial Foundation If you have credit card debt (or other loans) and want to get out of it, you still […]

Is Your Financial Advisor Worth It? How Much Does Your Financial Advisor Really Cost? Financial advisors can provide valuable guidance and support as you work towards your financial goals, but how much does investing with a financial advisor really cost? Figuring that out will help you answer the question, “Is your financial advisor worth it?” […]

WealthArch vs. Index Funds What are Index Funds? Over the last decade or so, index funds (also called passive funds) have grown in popularity. Index funds are a type of mutual fund that is composed of stocks that mirror a financial market like the S&P500. Their popularity is well deserved, because these funds charge very […]

401(k) Tips and Tricks

401(k) Tips and Tricks

401(k) Tips and Tricks Flavors and Combinations Reviewing 401(k)’s is like visiting an ice cream shop. There are so many flavors and combinations you can get and making a decision may not be easy. I’ve provided a few 401(k) tips and tricks to help you figure out the right investment allocations. Assessing Risk Tolerance For […]

Investing risk and reward - no guts no glory

Investing Risk and Reward

Investing Risk and Reward Evaluating Risk/Reward Propositions No guts, no glory! High risk, high reward; low risk, low reward. These clichés are true, but when it comes to investing risk and reward, there’s more to unpack from these sayings. One needs to have the courage to take risk, but to do so in an undisciplined […]

Value vs. Growth stocks

Value vs Growth Stocks

Value vs. Growth Stocks Two Approaches There are two major approaches to stock investing, value and growth. In an over-generalized sense, value stocks are unloved, boring, and cheap, while growth stocks are expensive, high-flying, and popular. I talk more about value investing and the subtleties of these definitions on our website here. The purpose of […]

Concentrated investments

WealthArch vs Mutual Funds

WealthArch Investments vs. Typical Mutual Funds v What’s the Difference? A typical active mutual fund has more than 100 holdings, with some having around 300 positions. These types of companies are structured where analysts specialize in about 3 or more industries and cover stocks globally within those industries. These analysts give their recommendations to the […]

The CFA Program Difference

CFA Program Difference

The CFA Program Difference Even before I graduated college in the Philippines, my mom kept repeating over and over that I should get an MBA (Master in Business Administration). Back then, my dream had always been to be an investment manager, and for a while I thought that getting an MBA would be the best […]

8 Steps to Becoming a Great Stock Investor A lot of people have been asking me, “How do you become a great stock investor? What books can you recommend?” There are thousands of websites and people claiming to have the best financial advice which makes you question, which ones are real. Who do I trust? […]

Non-term Life Insurance Products Are Not Good Investments Non-term life insurance products, such as annuities, and whole life and universal life products, generate very high commissions for insurance agents and high profit margins for the insurance company. These commissions and profits are coming out of your wallet. Additionally, you need to question the investment guarantees […]

The 10 Commandments of Investing “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet One of the best pieces of advice given by the most famous business prodigy, who bought his first stock when he was 11 years young and amassed a fortune thereafter through buying stocks and companies, is now widely […]

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