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WealthArch Financial Advisor Services

Successful professionals and institutions that want their wealth to grow with disciplined risk management choose WealthArch. As leading financial advisors in Los Angeles, our number one rule at the firm is, “Don’t lose money”. Our Portfolio Manager, Earl Yaokasin, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with over 20 years of experience. As the gold standard of the investment industry, WealthArch’s team refines your financial plan to give you confidence in your financial future.

Through deep and thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis, WealthArch only invests in companies whose stock prices provide a margin of safety, or buffer, for unexpected events in the market. Our financial advisor services are designed to give clients peace of mind by reducing the risk of permanent loss, portfolio volatility, and anxiety in market swings. Through value investing, WealthArch often serves as a client’s portfolio anchor and foundation, allowing them to increase their risk tolerance with other investments to reach their financial goals.

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At WealthArch, we don’t fit the mold of a typical financial planner. We are investment managers who are ideal for clients wanting to maximize their portfolio growth while intelligently managing risk. We offer independent financial advisor services, not a cookie-cutter approach focusing on ETFs, target dates, and mutual funds. 

We are highly focused on research and analysis and providing exceptional service to our clients. To give each client the dedicated attention they deserve, we require a minimum investment of $400,000 to open an account at WealthArch.


  • Custom portfolio construction to meet your unique needs.
  • Provide detailed updates on your investments every quarter.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your investments and current financial standing.
  • Schedule unlimited one-on-one, in-person meetings with your financial advisor in Los Angeles or online.


  • Review your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored plans, annually.
  • Create a roadmap to achieve financial independence. 
  • Evaluate various retirement strategies. 
  • Implement asset management strategies once financial independence is achieved.

Contingency Planning

  • Structure your emergency fund.
  • Review your life insurance needs, as well as disability and long-term care planning. 
  • Discuss will, trust, and power of attorney documents.
  • Update accounts and beneficiaries.


  • Evaluate your child’s account options.
  • Create a plan to cover the cost of your child’s education.
  • Explain the importance of planning and financial advisor services for the next generation.


  • Explore various strategies to minimize taxes.
  • Tax loss harvesting. 
  • Discuss IRA withdrawal strategy.
  • Retirement and non-retirement (taxable) portfolio optimization

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Do you have $400,000+ to invest?
Because we’re highly focused on research and analysis in order to make the best possible investments, our time constraints force us to only work with clients who have at least $400,000 to invest with us.

At WealthArch, our clients have access to a variety of unique benefits outside of wealth managment. Find out what sets us apart from other financial advisors in Los Angeles.

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